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I get great joy as participants uncover the wisdom, gifts and truth that are uniquely theirs to share. On this safe and supportive journey of self-discovery other life changes unfold: they realize their wealth potential, become more confident, are lighter and more playful, take greater risks, stretch, grow, soar. In short, their lives get better as they remember their own brilliance.

The exercises and practices result in the experience of self-love and appreciation that imbues everything with joy and ease and freedom. I love seeing the shifts in women’s lives as they embrace the gentle but powerful beauty in leading from the feminine.


With someone to joyously and consistently remind you that anything is possible and that you are enough exactly as you are, you’ll let go of what is keeping you from creating everything you want to create.

In this breakthrough-style gathering, you’ll imagine your possibilities, and then discover how to consistently say yes to them.

You will move from fear to fascination, from striving to receiving. You will change your perspective about your abilities. You will be celebrated … You deserve it. You will remember your shine and that you can do anything with ease.


  • Create an easy-to-use blueprint for abundance, purpose, and passion
  • Rev up your enthusiasm in all areas of your life
  • Know you deserve wealth, freedom and a thriving business
  • Explore the blocks that keep you from doing what you genuinely want, then work through them with a supportive, loving group
  • Play, laugh and have fun just for the heck of it
  • See that you are like other people in having fears and doubts that hold you back
  • Meet new people, and get a rush of energy and inspiration from seeing them grow and go
  • Practice being compassionate and loving to yourself so that every area of your life is relaxed and filled with freedom, joy and abundance
  • See your self-confidence soar
  • Trust yourself: your inherent wisdom, intuition and talents
  • Embrace the idea that receiving is acceptable and essential for your well-being
  • Creatively engage and solve any challenge effortlessly and joyously
  • Discover that you already have the talent to achieve your purpose in business and enjoy the wealth that naturally follows
  • Shine and sparkle



Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of love, unwavering support, and authentic connections.

Unveil the profound, hidden desires of your soul.

Embark on a journey of healing, liberation, and shedding.

Let your voice resonate at its fullest volume, boldly declaring abundance, purpose, and passion while recalling the essence of who you truly are.




Consider this profound truth: What if our very essence, just as it is, is inherently sufficient? What if, without the need for additional efforts or transformations, we are already deserving of our deepest desires?


Often, we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of doing everything, being everything, and questioning how we can possibly do more to attain more. The potent force of masculine energy propels us to act and achieve. Yet, the receptive nature of feminine energy is our key to attracting what we desire. When stifled, it becomes a barrier, impeding the opportunities that could naturally come our way. 


Let’s reshape the dynamics in our relationships, encouraging those around us to step up, embrace responsibility, and contribute.



You are not your story, your past, your patterns, and not what other people think of you. You are energy that can create and change when given permission from yourself. You are here to experience life and to express yourself. There is only one of you and a loss to the world if you are not fully expressed. 


Reconnect with your true essence. 


Embracing and expressing your genuine thoughts, feelings, and identity. It’s an authentic alignment with personal values, beliefs, and desires, regardless of external pressures. Embracing your true self fosters self-acceptance, builds inner harmony, and promotes a fulfilling life marked by genuine connections and a sense of purpose in life.

WORTHY - GREEN2800-min


Consider the narrative you’ve been unconsciously crafting—a tale spoken to both yourself and the world. Is it an award-worthy saga, a narrative affirming your deservingness and worthiness for the life you envision? Regrets, mistakes, and losses along the journey serve to anchor this story in place. It becomes the blueprint of our identity, and often, we feel confined within its parameters. Through belief and spoken words, we unknowingly breathe life into this story. While we may not alter the circumstances of our past, we do possess the power to shift how we perceive it and the energy it carries.

“I am inherently deserving of wealth, abundance, and a thriving business that aligns with your aspirations for purpose and passion. In rewriting my financial narrative, I discarded an outdated story influenced by others’ perspectives on money, bravely claiming my own narrative. I dispelled the scarcity mindset, affirming that abundance is your birthright.”



The most profound obstacle to receiving lies in thinking that I already have all the answers and closing myself off to the potential for learning. If I believe I know it all, I inadvertently block the energy needed for new insights and opportunities to reach me. If my attachment to a specific outcome is rigid and narrow, I inadvertently restrict my ability to manifest.


The realization that hyper-focusing on the exact source and outcome of financial inflow acts as a blockade, hindering the free flow of money. It constructs an intricate obstacle course, inadvertently impeding the natural flow of abundance. While I can exert my masculine energy to forcefully “make it happen”, there’s a simpler path of the feminine—being open to receiving it with grace.


The key to overcoming this barrier is to embrace continuous learning and stay open to the wisdom that life has yet to reveal. There is always more to discover. We create space for growth, transformation, and the abundance that comes with an open heart and mind.


Each day begins with a warm welcome, inviting you into a sanctuary of safety and love. Here, every woman is embraced for her uniqueness and given permission to shine brightly. This space is free from judgment, criticism, and gossip. We actively encourage you to share the essence of who you are, while we nurture your innate gifts. As we acknowledge the light within each other, it magnifies the radiance within ourselves, fostering a collective glow that illuminates our shared experience.


Money is a form of energy, a vibration that mirrors your sense of deserving and self-worth. This vibration is rooted in your relationship with money, and your money blueprint.

Shift your mindset from the traditional belief that more effort and work lead to greater earnings, you’ll explore the concept of ‘being more’ in alignment with the essence of money. This shift enables you to receive more abundantly by embracing your true self and understanding the role money plays in representing your essence.

How you do money is how you do life. We are all in a relationship with money. For some it is a conscious, loving relationship; for most of the others, it is one filled with neglect and resentment or nonexistent. How you treat money is how it will treat you. Everything is made up of energy and the energy you give is the energy you get back.

Money is important because it makes the world go round. It is safe to assume that your children and spouse are important followed closely by serving and helping others. Would having more money make it easier to serve and care for these precious things?

Deserve level and culture.

Deserve levels come from our current blueprint that originates with all the stories we heard about money and what we were told we deserved. The good news is your current money ceiling is higher than the one you are operating in right now – it is possible to update your blueprint. Sabotage shows up like an electric circuit breaker when we believe we have surpassed our current worthy level. The result is we undermine our success by finding ways to either earn less or give it away.

“I want to make money for evil purposes.” I have never met anyone who said that. And yet, our culture is made up of these very beliefs that being wealthy states something negative about a person’s character.

I meet people who want to build empires to help people, be in service and care for their families. Our culture promotes the belief that money is bad, and we will become lesser people if we have lots of it. When good people earn more money, they impact their community and local economy by dining out, supporting local businesses, hiring people, and donating to local causes and charities. When we feel abundant and enjoy our wealth, we naturally want to help and support the people and organizations we care about. For many it is an expression of love.

The universe wants you to be happy, abundant, and fulfilled. What if all you had to do was show up as yourself and being you was enough in the world?

The takeaway is about shifting your mindset from ‘making’ more money to ‘receiving’ more money. Most of us believe we need to do more, earn more and be more to make money. Accepting Affluence defined: to flow abundantly and receive willingly.

We stop the flow of abundance with our beliefs, past pain, and old stories about what we feel is our worth and deserve levels. We do it by deflecting compliments, rejecting help that’s offered and shying away from opportunities.

Are you willing to receive the flow of abundance?

The Hierarchy of Money


When we have our financial needs met and feel safe, it allows us to think about the bigger picture and ask, “What is my purpose and why am I here?”

People I work with have an innate desire to be in service to the people around them. They care and want to contribute by giving back to their families and communities as they become more abundant. For them it is about a beautiful life of contribution to the world around them.

Leaving a Legacy is not about the money left behind. It is about the impact you leave behind – this is how you will be remembered. Rather than waiting until the end, update your money blueprint to make an impact on your living legacy.


In Latin, “Vocari” translates to “to be called,” and it serves as the root of “vocation.” More than just a job, a vocation embodies a profound calling towards a specific career or occupation—it is your business and purpose. Within the realm of business, energy is the driving force. The energy you infuse into your business is precisely the energy that will be reflected back.

In the energy of business, purpose serves as the guiding force that transcends mere profit-making. A business with a clear sense of purpose goes beyond financial goals, emphasizing a broader positive impact on society, the environment, or specific communities. Purpose-driven businesses align their values with their actions, fostering employee engagement and customer loyalty. Purpose not only provides a meaningful direction but also contributes to long-term sustainability and societal well-being.

The energy of a business encompasses the collective spirit, motivation, and atmosphere that defines its culture. It reflects the passion, drive, and synergy among individuals working towards common goals. Positive energy fosters creativity, productivity, and innovation, while negative energy can hinder progress. Cultivating a vibrant and positive business energy involves nurturing a supportive environment, encouraging collaboration, and fostering a shared sense of purpose among team members.

Your business consists of Seven centers, or seven wheels, embody seven unique sources of energy. Recognizing and understanding these centers is pivotal to establishing a harmonious and thriving business ecosystem. Each center contributes to an energy exchange, creating a cohesive and resonant business environment.

Understanding the interconnectedness of these centers is akin to comprehending the intricate gears of a well-oiled machine. The energy you cultivate within each center is not just a transaction—it’s a transformative exchange that reverberates throughout the entirety of your enterprise. It’s the secret to achieving balance, thriving, and creating a business that resonates with success.

At the summit resides the Source—the quintessential Boss. How the Boss treats themselves inevitably shapes how they treat their employees. This treatment cascades down, influencing how employees, in turn, interact with customers and clients. The dynamics established by employees are then mirrored in the way customers ultimately engage with your product.

This day is dedicated to learning the energy behind your business or purpose.


Vibrance is the state of being full of energy and life, exemplified by the lively atmosphere of the city center—vivid and dynamic. It manifests in the striking brightness of color, where hues exhibit luxurious richness and vibrancy. Moreover, it extends to the strength and resonance of sound, as demonstrated by the voice that fills up the room with its vibrant tones.

A clear vision necessitates the removal of any unnecessary film that might cloud the perception of your true identity. It involves shedding the layers that obscure your authentic self, allowing for a crystalline clarity that unveils your purpose and direction.

In our culture, a significant challenge arises from the loss of intimacy—the deep connection with ourself and with other people. These connections are vital for thriving. We yearn for profound connections with others. When intimacy diminishes, we may instinctively withdraw and close down, feeling isolated and alone.

To receive love, our heart must be open. This requires releasing past pain and heartbreak, allowing yourself the space to heal. Willingness to reveal yourself to the world, embracing love for who you truly are, is a courageous step.

A cultural challenge arises from the belief that receiving is selfish. Constant giving without allowing oneself to receive leads to an empty tank, resulting in feelings of resentment and overwhelm. Recognizing the importance of filling our own tanks is crucial to maintaining a healthy balance in our lives.

Embrace the idea that receiving is not only acceptable but essential for our well-being.



The additional information will help you to plan for your experience.

The experience will be held at the Historic Davenport Hotel, 10 S. Post St., Spokane, WA. If flying, you will arrive at the Spokane International Airport (GEG). Your experience will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, May 3rd, so plan to arrive the day before. Uber, Lyft and taxi services are available from the airport. Check with your hotel about shuttle services.

• Friday, May 3rd: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (lunch included)
• Saturday, May 4th: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (lunch included)
• Optional – Bonus Day – Sunday, May 5th: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch on your own)

The program will conclude on Saturday at 5:00 pm. This optional bonus day is for women who want to work one on one with Cynthia. There is also a large public event in Spokane “Bloomsday” that could make it challenging to get around downtown. We recommend flying out Sunday- early morning or late afternoon, or Monday morning. Email cynthia@leadinthefeminine for more information.

The Historic Davenport (event venue) – 4 Star

10 S. Post St., Spokane | 509-455-8888


The Davenport Tower – 4 Star

111 S. Post St., Spokane | 509-789-6965


The Davenport Lusso – 3 Star

808 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane | 509-747-9750


Hotel Ruby – 3 Star boutique hotel

901 W. First Ave., Spokane | 509-747-1041


The Montvale Hotel – 3 Star boutique hotel

1005 W. First Ave., Spokane | 509-624-1518


At the Historic Davenport Hotel:

Palm Court Grill (Continental) | 509-789-6848 reservations

Peacock Room Lounge (Continental) 509-789-6848 reservations


At the Davenport Tower Hotel:

Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar (American) | 509-789-6800


Next door to the Davenport Lusso Hotel:

Post Street Ale House (Classic comfort foods) | 509-789-6900


Steam Plant Restaurant and Brew Pub (American) | 509-777-3900

159 S. Lincoln St. (approx. 2 blocks from venue)


Nudo Ramen House (Japanese) | 509-290-5763

818 W. Sprague Ave. (across the street from venue)


Zona Blanca Ceviche Bar (Seafood) | 509-241-3385

157 S. Howard St. (approx. 4 blocks)

Full Refund: Requests made 30 days or more before the event will receive a full refund. Partial Refund. Cancellations made between 15 to 29 days prior to the event will be subject to a 50% refund.

No Refund: No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 15 days before the event.

Transfer Option: Registrations are transferable. If you can’t attend, you may transfer your registration to another person, or to another event, at no additional cost.

Note: All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. The date of receipt of the written request will determine eligibility for a refund.

If we fail to knock your socks off and you are not happy, you will receive a full refund. You must attend and participate in both days.  



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